stairway to heaven

moslem youth

This series on Moslem Youth shows their experience of being caught between cultures — living in a contemporary culture but within expectations of a traditional Islamic identity.

Teenagers are constantly aware of themselves, especially as individuals caught between cultures. These young people live and partake of the larger adult culture that surrounds them, while participating in the youth culture that is exclusive to youth.

These individuals experience the universal characteristics of youth: an awareness of their bodies and their self-image, their search for identity through introspection, their interest in music, film and media; the importance of friends; and their newfound awareness of their attractiveness to others. These young people are often conflicted in these experiences that occur within the confines of religion and society.

Since the young women are “covered,” viewers are able to get a glimpse of the everyday lives (often lived behind closed doors) of Moslem youth.

It challenges the Muslim expectation of propriety and provides an alternative view to the realities of Muslim youth.

The work explores the tension between public and private spaces, depicting scenes that counteract media stereotypes of Islamic culture.

“Moslem Youth” work challenges stereotypical assumptions and explores issues of gender identity. The work is intended to encourage dialogue about its complex issues and ultimately offers opportunities for growth and change.